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Wednesday, December 22, 2004.

Well everyone, its about that time once again. The year is coming to a close…Just as I thought at the end of last year… “2004 is looking up” and it was just awesome! So, what happened this year? Well, I don’t even know where to begin; I am going to do my best here…

Very early in the year, like just about a few days after New Years Day, Slamtech Wrestling University started up TV Tapings. To where this is to go, I’m not sure. From what I understand, DVD copies are on sale. These TV tapings would consist of 30-minute episodes for each week. TV tapings would take place about once a month. However, there has not been a TV Taping for Slamtech Wrestling in quiet a while.

PWF Northeast…I had a lot of fun working for this company during the Legends weekend. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Harley Race, and Les Thatcher all came up for PWF Northeast Genesis III. Harley Race played the role as a manager in TJ Richter’s corner as he defended the Junior Heavyweight Championship. Les Thatcher was the ring announcer in the main event. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat was the special guest referee in the main event.

I had an awesome time as I found myself as an outside official, working with Ricky Steamboat in that main event featuring Kid Krazy defending the PWF Northeast Heavyweight Championship against Johnny Curtis. What did I do exactly? Not a whole lot, I watched the match and had an eye out for any foul play that Steamboat wouldn’t see, and even gave him a hand in disposing of Dr. Everette Payne from ringside. At one point, somehow Johnny Curtis was handcuffed to a ring post. Steamboat instructed me to run to the back and find keys that could possibly unlock the handcuffs. I left for a short while, and came running back to free Johnny Curtis. In the end of this night, Johnny Curtis became the new PWF Northeast Heavyweight Champion.


PWF Northeast also started up the Women’s Championship. Demonica defeated Valarie Dictorian (now known as Natalia) and Ariel in a triple threat match to become the first ever Women’s Champion of PWF Northeast.

I started working full time with New England Championship Wrestling in March, where Michael Sain started his build up for a run with the Heavyweight Championship after winning a Battle Royal. In the following month in Somerville, MA at the Goodtime Empordium, Michael Sain defeated Maverick Wild for the NECW Heavyweight Championship. I believe Maverick Wild was the longest reigning Champion in NECW history. After the match, the locker room emptied and gave Maverick Wild a send off celebration of his time in NECW. It was very cool to referee Maverick’s last match for NECW.

Ringside Wrestling the training grounds of NECW had a heated feud within the Heritage Championship division. “Brutal” Bob Evans and Tim Kilgore battled it out for months leading to a championship belt on a poll match. Bob Evans had the belt off the poll and took a swing at Tim Kilgore. Kilgore ducked, and rolled Bob up for the win. Tim hit Bob over the head as revenge for all the attacks Bob had on him and busted his head open.

Wrestling Alliance of Mayhem, a promotion who runs fundraising events for the community of Worcester, Massachusetts only had one event this year. As of now the management is busy in their personal lives…so for now they are on hiatus. On this one particular event, some local rock bands were performing during intermission and at the end of the event. There was not many matches due to some no-showing which made the event much worse than anyone thought it would be. Not to mention the attendance was the worst ever. I’m not being negative about WAM here. I believe WAM could be a lot better if things are done right. I won’t go into details here because this is not the place. During the event while I was refereeing a match this group called “The Pie Mafia” came out and held me down as another put a pie in my face! This has no place in professional wrestling folks…whenever WAM runs another event, I’m having the police involved to keep this group out of the building! Just look at this picture that shows that they did to me!

Who would of thought that I would actually leave a promotion? Honestly, I knew there was going to be a point where I would leave PWF Northeast. I just didn’t think I would do it when I did. The last time I worked for PWF Northeast was April 10th of this year. I was unable to make it to their April 25th event due to a booking with NECW. I was not scheduled for their May 7th event, and decided to resign from PWF Northeast and to pursue other promotions. I really wasn’t sure where I would go at the time…

The New England Independent (NEI) a website dedicated to providing comprehensive information about professional wrestling in New England had yet another Invitational. I was “invited” as a referee and had a fun time working with some people I have never worked with before. I’d have to say (and I’m sure everyone will agree) the match between Alex Arion and John Walters was the most heated match of the night. I was watching from the back, and couldn’t believe how heated some of the fans were when Alex Arion had several close calls. One gray haired man took his hat off and threw it on the ground! At the end of the night I found my self refereeing the main event with Cueball defeating Alex Arion. This was definitely a different experience and I wouldn’t mind working with it again next year.

I really enjoyed the summer this year as I returned to work for the Wrestling Federation of America in the end of June, and officiated in a Steel Cage Match for the first time in my career. WFA runs several events a month, mainly in New Hampshire but is starting to expand its way into Massachusetts and Vermont.

Following my first night back with WFA I worked with a bunch of old faces…people I had not seen in at least a year. This was with Killer Kowalski’s All-Star Wrestling holding a fundraising event for the N.E.A.D.S. organization. This group deals with training dogs to be aids for the disabled. This was definitely a great cause.

“There is Always Hope”, a known motto by Frankie Arion who battled Michael Sain in several matches and could never come out on top. Frankie never lost faith in himself, as on July 10th he received a title match with Michael Sain, and miraculously defeated Michael Sain for the NECW Heavyweight Championship. There was a huge celebration, and a speech by Frankie. Frankie even took it upon himself to quote from on of his favorite movies Rocky, “I DID IT!”

Well, as usual summer isn’t all that busy with wrestling events, but found myself quiet busy on one day. August 21st, was the first night of the NECW Birthday Bash. Of course my good friend Jennie had her wedding on the same day. I was worried about not being able to make it to her wedding at all due to my verbal agreement with NECW. At the same time I promised her I’d find a way to be at her wedding. Thankfully, her wedding was just a little bit earlier before I was to be in Framingham. I actually had not seen Jennie in a while. None of you people know who she is, but I went to high school with her and somewhere along the way became pretty good friends with her. Either way I think I surprised her by just showing up. She didn’t think I was going to come at all…she knew what was up. After all the other times I’ve shown up when I said I would, she still doesn’t put some trust in it. (LOL). All kidding aside, I actually do understand why she would have some doubt. Ben and Jennie, good luck!

So immediately following the wedding I raced out of the small town of Princeton, MA trying to find my way to 290 east and race onto Framingham. So this was the start of the NECW Birthday Bash 4, which featured the first ever Iron 8 Tournament. The final four of this tournament would compete in a one-hour match in which whoever with the most pin falls or submissions would win the match. As everyone knows by now, Chris Venom came out on top. Not only that but he is the current NECW Heavyweight Champion after defeating Michael Sain on December 11th. I enjoyed working with two individuals who are not on the regular NECW roster, that being Doug Williams and Paul Tyrell.

Problems are arising in Ringside Wrestling. I’ve been talking about it in recent months, so I’m going to avoid repeating things. I’m just glad I was able to get a little bit of revenge on December 4th by tossing that crooked ref Rich Bass out of the ring! Paul Lombardi and Rich Bass, cheaters never prosper! That’s why Paul is not the Heritage Champion anymore! Cheaters also get nothing but a lump of coal for Christmas! I hope that’s all you two ever wanted.

WFA kept me pretty busy this fall and I couldn’t have been happier. Events have been anywhere between three and four events a month. WFA is starting to expand further than ever as I mentioned before. I even found myself near the Canadian border while I was in Newport, Vermont. It was a long drive but I enjoyed the experience, and even some of the scenery despite Newport, Vermont having absolutely nothing around. Another thing WFA is starting to expand is championships. July 23, they introduced the tag team championships, when The Metro Men won a tournament for the belts. Just a few months ago they introduced the cruiserweight championship when Scott Reed won a fatal four way ladder match for the belt. Keep an eye on WFA this promotion is definitely going places in the future! I’d like to take this time to wish Justin Shaype/Powers well in his role as Super Dad. Justin recently had his retirement match against Vince Vicallo in November.

On another personal note, my sister got married the other day. It almost seems like everyone I've known in my life (outside of wrestling) are getting married these days. It's kinda scary!

Well, I think that about covers it from my perspective. I really enjoyed this year, even though some points were hectic. As for next year, once again things are looking even brighter. Yes! I believe this. I believe 2005 will be a greater year than any other I’ve had in professional wrestling. I could end up disappointed a little and have it just be as good as this year has been, but if that is to happen I can live.

Well everyone, I’m about to take off here…So, have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Kwaaazy Kwanza, a Tip-Top-Tet, and a Solemn-Dignified-Ramadan!

Dan Tanaka

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